How To Share Blink Camera Access? [ The Right Way ]

sharing blink camera

There can be situations where you may have to share blink camera access, maybe with your family members or your genuine friend. However, sharing blink camera access could be little annoying if you’re trying to do with the blink app. The blink app is bit confusing when it comes to share access.

I straight away went to google, and asked how to share blink camera access. Even the google results were not satisfying to me, and, I personally had to talk with blink technician team to accomplish this task. But, no worries, I am going to make it super easy for you guys.

Quick Solution ✅: To share blink camera access, you first have to create a “primary account”. Now, set up all of your cameras and sync module in that primary acccount. Once that’s done, you can use this primary account to log in upto 100 other mobile devices.

In this post, I am going to how to share blink camera access, step-by-step. I would also be talking some FAQs that you might want to know about. I’ll also discussing how to remove the blink camera access at the end of this post, so that you can have all your queries sorted in this post itself.

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How to share blink camera access
Sharing blink camera access

Blink allows an easy way to monitor and share camera access to multiple users. The simplest process to share blink camera access is to log in to the other device with your primary account credentials. Once you logged in to the other device, they can easily monitor your blink camera activities. Besides, there are other ways as well using which someone can get access to your blink camera.

You can access your blink camera activities from any device once you log in to the account. For sharing blink camera access, you just need to share your email address and login password with the other user.

All they have to do is to download the blink app in the mobile phone and log in to application with your blink app credentials. Once they gets logged in, they can easily access your blink camera from their device.

This is one of the best and an easiest way to share blink access to someone. However, this method is not really safe. Sharing blink account credentials can be a privacy concern for many users and you may have to compromise with your blink’s privacy.

To avoid this, you need to change the blink account password everytime you share the blink app credientials after the work is being done.

If privacy is something you don’t want to compromise with, maybe this method would be more suitable for you. And, a lot of people uses this method to share blink camera access.

In this method, you can add someone as a user to your blink camera app. That’s how a person can join your blink system and get access to live view monnitoring, notification, and other security trackings. And, I too personally prefer this method to share blink access to anyone in my home.

Here’s how to add user in blink app:

First, launch the blink app on your mobile or desktop > go to the menu section and select users > locate the (+) icon and click it to add your friend > now type the email address and name of the user > click on send invite.

Once the invite is sent to your friend’s email address, they can join your blink system and get access to your blink cameras.

You should know that an Amazon account is needed to purchase a Blink subscription plan and activate it.

This setup allows users to manage all Blink subscription plans from one place. Additionally, you can manage Amazon account settings and ensure which subscription plans you wish to purchase if you have multiple accounts.

Now, the fact is you can’t share or link blink cameras with multiple Amazon accounts. Only one blink system is allowed to connect to an Amazon account.

To share your blink camera access with others, you have to send them an invite.

Open your Blink app > go to the admin panel on the left side of the screen > select “users” located under the Blink identity section > click on the invite and fill the user info.

As mentioned, only one Amazon account is allowed to connect to a single Blink account. In this case, you can link your household’s amazon account to your blink system.

To avail of the option, open the Blink Home Monitor app and go to the account settings. Click on “Link your Amazon Account” and submit the account credentials.

That’s how account holders can Blink subscription plan alerts and purchase. To share Blink access with family, you have to send them an invite as mentioned above.

For example, visit the admin page > tap on users and send invites.

Another great way to share Blink camera access with someone is by sending the Blink camera link. This is a temporary solution to give monitoring access to your blink cam.

By using this feature, you can set time to ensure how long the person accesses your system. This is a helpful feature for owners who are traveling or going for a short vacation.

To avail this option, follow the steps below:

Open your blink home monitoring app > go to the menu and tap on devices > from this page, select your blink camera willing to share > tap on send link to the user > select the duration of the cam access > copy the link and send to the individual. 

Method 6: Create a guest user

There is another easy way to share blink camera access with someone. You can invite your friend as a guest to monitor your blink systems. The process is simple, and it allows visitors to get access to all Blink security features. For example, live view monitoring, motion alerts, and others.

To avail of the option, follow the steps below:

Launch the Blink app on your mobile or desktop > go to the main menu from the homepage > locate the organization setting and click it > select members > from this page, go to the top right corner and click on invite new member > fill in the user information and send them the guest link.

Method 7: Share only single camera access

So far the methods we learned about was allowing you to share the whole blink system to another user. However, what if you just want to share a single camera access to someone?

Unfortunately, there is no such features available in the blink app so far and I have got this verified from one of their technician. However, there is still a way that let’s you share single camera access to someone.

The only pre-requisite you need to have is additional mobile phone number using which you can create a new blink account.

The method is simple, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Delete the cameras from your primary account that you want to share with someone. Yes, you heared it right, you need to delete those camera/cameras.

Step 2: Log out from the primary account.

Step 3: Create a new blink account by pressing “create account” and use different mobile number this time.

Step 4: Add those cameras of your blink system that you want to share someone with.

Step 5: Share the account details of this account to your another user.

This is one of the alternate method that people use to share specific blink camera access. However, this method is bit annoying as you have to keep log in – log out between your two accounts. But, this works well!

How to remove blink access
Revoking blink camera access

Suppose you don’t want to share your blink camera access to anyone now. There might be scenarios where you want to remove the blink camera access from someone’s account. In this case, you can revoke or remove the Blink cam access using your primary account.

To revoke blink camera access from someone’s account, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the blink app and go to the Settings > Account privacy > Manage Mobile Devices.

Step 2: Now, enter the the verification code that blink would have sent you to make sure you’re the primary user of this account.

Verifying primary account

Step 3: Now, you should be able to see all the devices who have shared access to your blink system.

Devices connected to blink system

Step 4: Choose the devices that you want to remove here, and press the 🗑️ button visible on the right side of the device.

Deleting device
Risks of sharing blink camera access
Risks of sharing blink camera access

It’s not overlooked that there is a risk of sharing blink camera access. Guest users can mislead or perform suspicious activity with your property footage. So it is always recommended to allow someone who is trusted or a member of your household. Additions should share one-blink camera access with someone if you hesitate. So below are the risk factors for sharing your security camera access. 

  • First, the guest scrolls all live footage of your property.
  • Users can consciously or mistakenly disarm some of your blink cameras. 
  • Blink systems include multiple security features that can allow unauthorized activity to the blink camera. 
  • There is a risk of cyber attack, or hackers can spy on your camera activity. 
  • Irregular customization of security cams can lead to unwanted activity on the device. 

It is essential to be aware of all verified devices connected to your blink system. That’s how you can understand who and where the cameras are accessible. If you want to delete certain devices, confirm it by verification. To manage or view all verified device lists, follow the steps below.

Open the blink app > go to the menu > click on settings> select account and privacy option > tap on manage mobile devices > an SMS code will be sent to the primary account holder phone number > enter the code and confirm it > now you can view all verified devices to your blink system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 2 people have access to the Blink app?

Yes, multiple people are allowed to get access to the blink app or account. For that you have to log in the same account to multiple devices. However only one person can access the live view and sync module. On the other hand multiple users can get alert and access the blink system accordingly.

How to Share Blink Camera Video?

To share a blink camera video tap on the share icon located in the upper left corner of the app. Select the video clip and share with your friends or family via their email address. Additionally you can share the video by saving the clip in your gallery.

How many devices can I connect with the blink camera?

You can connect up to 100 blink cameras to your blink system. You can also connect multiple sync modules and its linked blink cams. Each module allows you to connect 10 cameras at a time. However all camera and sync modules should be linked to a single blink account.


In this post, we learned how to share blink camera access in different ways. As I said before, the blink camera can be shared in many ways among which the popular way is to share the account credential to a different user.

The various methods that you can use to share blink camera access are: by sharing primary account credentials, by adding an user in the account, sharing invite link, creating a guest user, and sharing a single camera access to some one.

Always remember, you must verify the person you want to share your blink camera access to. Additonally, always delete the mobile devices one the need of accessing blink camera is being done.

I hope you like the post.

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