About Us: Our Mission, Goal, & Vision

Welcome to snoozye.Com – A leading technology blog that talks about various troubleshooting fixes and current technology trends.

Who We Are?

We are basically tech enthusiast, who believes in bringing new innovations and technology to everyone.

Talking about the past, we started this website in Dec 2018 where our tech leaders and gurus built a Chrome extension that lets you freeze Kanye West news for a certain period of time.

older version of snoozye.com
This is the older version of Snoozye.com

Kanye West is basically a musician. However, in 2018, Kanye West became pretty exhausted due to the current political situation in the united states.

And, that’s why we built a Chrome extension called “SnoozYe” that lets our users freeze Kanye West news on a desktop or laptop. People did love our Chrome extension and we got a very positive response.

But, later as time passes on, we couldn’t keep it live forever and we decided to shut down our Snoozye Chrome Extension.

We took a long break after that and now came back to the tech industry with new hope, ideas, and goals.

Now, snoozye.com is a technology media company that helps you fix your various technical products and reviews many tech gadgets. We basically, now, run a technology blog on this platform.

This is now going to be a perfect place for tech heads. We have created this blog with honesty and belief to bring the latest technology, ideas, and innovations to you.

Why Trust Us?

We want to make snoozye.com as a leading source of technology and information.

We as a team are focusing on bringing the best information, technological updates, news, and inspiration. Our foremost goal is not just to connect our users with trends but to educate, inspire and update everyone with the needful information and stories.

We are here to talk about tech, gadgets, reviews, and troubleshooting fixes.

Additionally, our technology blog has been featured by various Technology media companies, like adweek.com, producthunt.com, hypebeast.com, highsnobiety.com, and many other popular tech blogs.

Further, if we talk about our content marketing and research, we write content on our own. Every piece of information that we share is unique and has been published after putting hours of efforts in researching, testing, and fact checking.

Whatever we write, we write on the basis of people’s experiences.

We take the research part very seriously. Our team research every topic thoroughly and test it before it get published.

How We Research?

We have a dedicated team to check and verify each piece of content to only deliver the finest and latest information.

At snoozye.com each team member takes the research part as the utmost crucial step to give our readers engaging and authentic information.

Our team has the finest engineers, researchers, writers, and editors who have a passion for research.

How To Contact Us?

If you have any concern/question related to our website, team, or you just want swipe “hey”, email us at contact@snoozye.com. One of our support executive will get in touch with you.