7 Best Removeddit Alternative To See Deleted Reddit Posts

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Removeddit is a useful website for people who want to retrieve deleted reddit content back, and it’s easy to use as well.

However, removeddit alternative that can help you retrieve the deleted Reddit content, no matter how old that content is.

These removeddit alternatives can be useful when Removeddit is not working or you just want to try some other alternatives for advance features and security.

In our article, we will be discussing 7 Best Removeddit alternatives that you can use to view deleted Reddit posts and comments. So without any further ado, Let us begin.

7 Best Removeddit Alternative In 2024

There are several removeddit alternatives that can be used in 2024 to get deleted reddit posts and comments back. Alternatives such as, Reveddit, Unddit, Resavr, wayback machine, libreddit, etc. are great options to choose from. They are stable, active, and works absolutely great.

Let’s look each of them, one-on-one:


Reveddit Homepage Screenshot

Reveddit is a similar website, just like Removeddit that you can use as an alternative. This website allows you to access Reddit content that has been deleted by users.

Unlike Removeddit, Reveddit allows you to search for deleted Reddit posts and comments by entering the username, subreddit, and the link of that post.

This feature is quite useful when you want to look for a specific post or comment or when you don’t have a url of the post. You can even browse through and read the posts and subreddits that have been removed previously.

It’s user-friendly and easy to use in comparison to Removeddit. Reveddit uses a simple way to index the deleted content. It uses its own API instead of relying on the Pushshift API.

To view a deleted comment or post on Reddit, visit the official website and enter the URL link of the content you want to view. 

There is another method that you can try to retrieve the deleted content, just add “ve” after the “re” of Reddit.com in the URL and hit enter.

For example: original- https://www.reddit.com/post/xyz 

Change it to – https://www.reveddit.com/post/xyz

This will let you see the exact post that was deleted on reddit but available on reveddit.



Another alternative website that you can use is – Unddit.com. To access this website, you just need to remove “re” from Reddit and put “un” in place of it, in the URL.

This website shows the deleted content as well as the username of the person who originally posted it on Reddit.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easier for people to go through the content. Unddit keeps a copy of every comment and post that has been on Reddit. The process is the same as reveddit and removeddit when you want to find the deleted content.

Another way to view deleted content is by dragging the red Unddit button to the bookmark bar. Take the deleted content link that you want to retrieve, then click on the Unddit from the bookmark bar. 

It will take some time as Unddit uses the Pushshift archive to get data. So, just wait for a while until it fetches the data you want.

Note: Currently in 2024 unddit.com isn’t seems to be working and throwing “DNS” error when accessed.


Resavr.com homepage

Resavr is another great Removeddit alternative that you can use to view deleted content. Resavr works by using the Pushshift Reddit API to display all the deleted content.

When searching for deleted content, Resavr will check if the content is indexed by Pushshift API or not. However, there’s a limitation, it only lets you view the comments made on Reddit posts.

It’s user interface is also very different, compared to Removeddit and Unddit. On Resavr, you can see all Reddit comments along with the time, they were posted and deleted.

Moreover, if you hover your cursor over the comment, it lets you see the preview of it. 

An exciting thing about this website is that it lets you view the original content that was hidden by users or admins themselves.

Wayback Machine


Another great alternative way to view deleted Reddit content is using Wayback Machine. It’s the time machine of the internet.

To say in other words, the Wayback Machine is the archive of the World Wide Web that allows us to go back in time and see how the websites looked in the past.

With this website, we can go through thousands of old content that was once on the internet but got removed or deleted.

On this website, you will find screenshots of the content that’s been removed or deleted. If the post was popular then there are more chances of getting more results on it.

Although, wayback machine is quite popular and works great, however, sometimes this also doesn’t show the results accurately or misses to index some of the pages.

To use wayback machine to see deleted redit post, just copy the url of the post and go to Wayback Machine and paste the post url in the search box.

You’ll then see a calender that shows dates when the screenshot of the page was saved in the databade. Open any date that is highlighted with “blue” color.


Reveddit.com home page

In the list of our Removeddit alternatives, you can also use Libreddti.com. It’s a free and open-source alternative for people who want to search for deleted content.

This website has a special feature that other website alternatives don’t have. On other alternatives, you can view comments, and posts that have been deleted on Reddit, but on Libreddit, you can view deleted images and videos as well.

It’s not as popular as Removeddit or Reveddit but it’s a great tool if you want to retrieve pictures or videos.

Although there’s no surety that you will find the deleted content on this website, but you can give it a try.

Note: As of 2024, reveddit.com doesn’t seems to be working. We will update this section once the webpage is again active.


ceddit.com homepage

Ceddit is another alternative to our Removeddit website. It’s quite similar to Removeddit in its functionality and features.

On Ceddit, you can see the deleted or removed Reddit posts and comments. This website finds the deleted content by scraping through it.

You can browse Reddit posts in its own interface and the deleted content will be highlighted in red color. However, Ceddit might not be able to retrieve all the data if it’s deleted by the Reddit auto moderator.

Another quick trick that you can try if you want to retrieve a specific post, go to the official Reddit website. 

Open that post on Reddit and then in the URL, remove the “r” with the “c”, it will become ceddit.com. Now you can view that particular deleted comment on ceddit’s interface.

Other Ways To Save or Retrieve Deleted Content

Other than removeddit alternatives that can help you in retrieving the lost content, you can also try other methods. The Internet is a vast place and there’s so much information.

Besides these alternatives, you can use Google Cache and Chrome extensions, to get delted reddit posts.

Un-Delete Reddit Comments

Another way that you can use to view the deleted content is by using Un-delete Reddit Comment Chrome Extension.

It’s a Chrome extension where you can save and cache Reddit posts and comments. By using this extension, you can save all types of comments and view them whenever you want to, they will stay there even if they get deleted later.

But you can’t recover those comments that have been already deleted. But it can come to great use if you can manually cache comments like this.

You can download this Chrome extension, and then open the Reddit post that you want to cache. Click on the extension button, it will show the URL with a big cache button below it. Click on that cache and that page will be cached in your extension. 

Google Cache

On Google Cache, you will see the copies of webpages cached by Google. So, there are high chance that you might find the comment or post in that cache.

Google skims through all web pages and takes screenshots of them, just in case that page is not available or is temporarily down.

Google cache is always updated within a few days. It’s quite useful when the site is temporarily down, you can always access these pages by visiting the Google Cache website. 


To conclude it all, Removeddit is a great webstie to view the deleted content from reddit.com. However, there are other removeddit alternative to see deleted reddit posts and comments. We can say that these alternatives are a great way to retrieve deleted Reddit comments or posts.

These alternatives serves same purpose of retrieving deleted content, there is difference in their interface and features which you can try. Some of their great feature is that they provide color high for the deleted content, search bar to search particular username or post, or preview of comments.

Lasttly, always be careful and take precautions while accessing such websites. Overall, these Removeddit Alternatives can be a valuable resource for us to retrieve the deleted or removed content.

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