Share Other Blocked On Instagram: Fact Checking✅ & Alternate Method

does share>other>blocked method works

A recent reel by “cleanculture_bk2″ and many other instagram profiles have claimed that it is possible to see who blocked you on instagram, if you share other blocked.

Although, our team has verified by officially tweeting to instagram on X, and that seems to be a fake rumer so far. There is no official documentation or statement regarding share>other>blocked feature on instagram.

Due to this instagram reel, which claimed that you can see who blocked you on instagram, has been seen by millions of users and people have been searching over the internet.

In this post, let’s see the truth behind share>other>blocked feature on instagram.

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Does share>other>blocked on instagram works?

The method says that: while you scrools reels on instagram, go to share, then click on others, and you can see the people who have blocked you.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there is no official stamement from instagram that claims that share>other>blocked method works.

There have been many people commenting on those reels that this method worked for them. We tried checking deeper into this and it was found that the comments were either fake or it was commented in a sarcastic way.

How do you check who blocked you on Instagram?

While share other blocked method doesn’t work to check who blocked you on instagram, however, there are various ways you can use to check if they have really blocked you.

Here’re a few tips that can help you know if someone has blocked you on instagram or not:

1: Search username on instagram

The first method is pretty simple and straightforward. You go to instagram search and types the username you want to check.

If the username isn’t visible on the search suggestions or search results, it means this user have blocked you.

2: Try mentioning them on a post

Another method that helps you check if someone blocked you or not is by mentioning them in a post or a reel.

Mention them in a post by putting “@[User_name]” and see if the color gets blue or remain white.

If the color of the username you mentioned doesn’t change, it means they’ve blocked you.

3: Check DM messages

One other method is by checking their DM profile.

If you’ve talked to them on instagram and you have the chat available in your DM, open it and see if the username is visible or not.

If “User not found” comes instead of real username, it means you’re blocked by them.


In this post, we fact checked if Share Other Blocked method on instagram really works or not.

By looking at the documentation and confirmation from official instagram, it sounds like it was a fake rumor that doesn’t works.

Further, we discussed a few methods using which you can check if someone has blocked you on instagram or not.

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