PromoSM Meaning – Why Is Someone Commenting? Is It Safe?

Promosm Meaning

If you’ve recently started creating youtube videos, you may have got “promosm”, “Promo SM”, or “p-r-o-m-o-s-m” comments under one of your videos. If your’re looking for promosm meaning and have various questions related, consider reading this post till end.

Such comments can be commented by a real user but, most probably by an automated bot of social media marketing tool called PROMOSM, to get the attention and driver traffic to their own website.

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Although, they are generally considered safe and shouldn’t harm your channel much, however, it may also fall against youtube’s terms and conditions.

This post discusses the real meaning of promosm and how one should handle such comments. Moreover, we will also discuss if promosm is a good comment or bad one. Lastly, we will see if promosm is allowed on youtube.

And, a lot more.

Promosm Meaning

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As discussed in the beginning itself, Promosm generally means “Self Promotion“, “Promote So Much”, or “Social Media Promotion”.

This is a social media marketing tectic, used by marketing bot, PromoSM tool, to grow their brand awareness, by getting an attention and driver traffic to their own webiste/channel.

They mostly target new youtubers and content creators to make them aware about their services.

For example, when a new youtuber sees “Promosm” comment on a youtube video, he search its meaning on google, and they finally lands up on PromoSM website.

This way, more and more new youtubers will get to know about their website and services.

Moreover, this would help them to get better brand exposure.

Is Promosm a good comment?

Now, you may be thinking if promosm is a good comment or not.

Although, there is nothing wrong with such comments, however, this is generally considered as spam and may fall under the Youtube Violation Policy. Moreover, using such automated systems to increase views, subscribers, and engagement may harm your youtube channel as well.

Further, if you keep getting such spammy promosm comments on your youtube vidoes, you may end up banning your youtube account as well.

To be on a safer side, it’s always suggested to delete such promosm comments from your youtube video.

How to deal with PromoSM comments?

Once you know promosm meaning and it’s signifacance, now, it’s time to understand how you should handle promosm comments.

When someone comments “Promo SM” or “Promosm” on your youtube video, it doesn’t mean you always have to delete it.

If the promosm comments on your youtube video is not more than 3-4 times, you may consider ignoring it.

However, if it becomes frequent and you’re constantly recieving such comments, you should delete such promosm comments from your youtube video.

Moreover, hide that specific user, so that he can’t spam your other videos as well.

Further, if you keep getting such comments, make sure you report such comments to youtube support team, to be on a much safe side.

Here’s how you can hide, remove, and report promoms comments to youtube:

  • Login to youtube studio.
  • On the left menu, select comments > Held for review
  • Inside “held for review”, you’ll see 4 options: Approve, Remove, Report, Hide.
  • Report that specific comment as spam or hide.

Moreover, make sure you take this step only when necessary, as it can impact your youtube videos performance over time.

What is PromoSM Tool?

PromoSM is a social media marketing tool that helps you generate tons of traffic, views, and subscribers on your youtube channel or any other social media platform.

They started this company in 2021 and they have been helping many creators to get media visibility on youtube and various other platforms, like tiktok, instagram, linkedIn, X(formerly twitter), etc.

Promosm for facebook

One of their social media marketing service that you can use is “Facebook”. Promosm tool allows you to increase your facebook engagement by targeting a specific group of people based on location, interest, and behviour.

The refined targeting helps you reach the right audience for your content, helping you increase your likes, followers, and conversions.

Promosm for instagram

Just like the facebook awareness, promosm also offers their service on instagram. Here as well you can target your audience based on their location, behaviour, and engagement.

Although, facebook and instagram belongs to the same parent company, Meta, however, Promosm consider them as a seperate services.

Promosm for twitter

In this world, twitter is one of the biggest professional social media platform. Who don’t want their followers on twitter?

Promosm do have their services in twitter as well. You can increase your views, retweets, likes, and comments based on certain audience interest.

Promosm for youtube

Promosm also offer a great service for youtube creators that helps them to increase their views time, likes, comments, and subcribers.

With using promosm tool, you can get early success in your content creation journey within a short span of time.

Is promosm scam? How good they are?

What’s Good?

  • No subcription, “pay-as-you-go”.
  • Some people have got positive results.
  • Multiple services.
  • Targeted audience reach.
  • User friendly dashboard.

What’s Bad?

  • May harm your social media account.
  • May cost higher
  • Not highly reputable

There has been a constant debate on the legitimacy of promosm tool.

While some people call it a scam as they haven’t got expected results, however, for the other side of people it was a positive experience.

It’s not really easy to call someone a “scam” until we have strong proof.

To be aware, make sure you do your own research on promosm tool. You can look at the youtube videos, their twitter, and google reviews if they are really legit.

Moreover, if someone is promising to provide large amount of traffic, views, and likes in a short span of time, it’s surely a scam.

To get best out of best results, always make sure to do your own research, read tons of reviews, and then go for a reputable SMM provider.

Does PromoSM cost money?

Using an SMM(social media marketing) service sounds really interested, but, the catch is you have to pay for the service.

Though, this is a paid service, but, they don’t have any subscription plans to offer you. They work on “pay-as-you-go” credit based method.

The process of using this PromoSM tool is fairly easy. All you need to do is create an account, go to your dashboard, create an order, choose the service(for example youtube views), choose how much views you want, and hit the pay button.

Within a week or so, you should be able to see the growth in your youtube channel or whatever social media channel you were using for.

Is PromoSM allowed on youtube?

Using a social media marketing tool, be it PromoSM or any other, can harm your youtube account.

Although, there have been a lot of youtubers using some sort of SMM tools to increase their view hours, engagement, followers, and subcribers, however, it really depends on how do they work.

If they’re increasing your reach organically and no automated bot is involved in the process, then, we can say that such promosm tools can be allowed on youtube and are generally safe to use.

However, finding that best and real SMM tool can be a challenging task and may need hours of research and discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does PromoSM mean in YouTube?

Prmosm comments on youtube means self promotion, promote so much, or promo social media. This is a social media marketing tactic used by a tool called PromoSM.

Does PromoSM cost money?

Yes, PromoSM tool cost money for using their service. However, they don’t have any subscription packages and works on pay-as-you-go credit method.

Is PromoSM a good comment?

There is nothing good or bad with promosm comments. However, they can fall under Youtube Violation Policy, and may create some issues with your youtube account.

What should I do with promosm comments?

When you recieves promosm comments on your youtube video, it’s alwasy better to hide such comments. Moreover, if you keep getting such comments, make sure to hide that specific user from your channel.

Is promosm allowed on youtube?

Any method that uses bots or an automated systems to increase views, watch hours, and increase subscribers are considered spam and falls under Youtube Violation Policy.


In this post, we deeply discussed the promosm meaning and various other related questions that person can have.

In conclusion, promosm generally means “Self Promotion”, “Promote So Much” or “Promote Social Media”. These comments are considered fake and spam, and is generally done with the intention to driver traffic traffic to their own channel/website.

In order to keep your account safe and free from getting banned, it is always recommended to report and hide such comments from your youtube studio.

Moreover, using PromoSM social media marketing tool can be harmful for your youtube videos and may end up banning your account. It is always best practice to grow your audience organically.

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