Blink Camera Battery Replacement Guide & Best Batteries For Blink Cameras

Searching for a Blink battery replacement guide that talks how to change batteries in blink camera? You are in the right place. Here we will discuss how anyone can change the blink battery by following a simple step-by-step guide. We will explain the method for almost every model of blink camera.

blink batteries last around two years, as confirmed by the manufacturer. Still, it can drain its power before expiring. If your Blink camera blinking red, not functioning properly, or your blink sync module is offline, you may need to replace blink batteries.

There are three types of blink cameras available in the market. Blink camera battery replacement is almost similar for all models. Each of them uses the same battery types in their housing. The blink manufacturer suggests using AA lithium batteries for the blink camera. However, some people have used Alkaline batteries in their blink cameras. But, it limited the functionality and does not perform as lithium batteries.

In this guide, we will learn the complete Blink battery replacement process for different models, how it works, and the best batteries for Blink cameras. So keep reading the guide and replace the batteries easily in minutes.

What size and type of batteries do blink cameras use?

batteries for blink camera

Before we directly jump to blink camera battery replacement guide, we first need to understand the types and size of battery that you should use in blink cameras.

As mentioned, except for Blink mini, all Blink models include AA lithium batteries in their housing. These batteries have an expected power of 2,700-3,400 mAh. They can last longer in heavy use and may hold power for up to two years in the default blink setting.

You can easily find lithium batteries anywhere in an electronic shop or supermarket. They are available in a pack of 10 pieces. Some people may search for Lithium Ion batteries for their blink camera. These are rechargeable power cells, newer technology, and are a bit more expensive than standard lithium batteries.

What causes Blink battery replacement before expiry date?

Lithium batteries are highly durable and constant power cycle cells for security cameras. These lithium batteries can last between two to five years in most blink devices. Still, they can drain their power earlier than you think.

Several factors depends why your blink camera batteries drains too fast:

Cause 1: High sensitive motion

Blink camera lenses follow motion detection to start recording. Whenever the device flashes motion, it starts collecting the video images.

How frequently the camera starts recording depends on sensitivity. Extreme motion detection can cause quick battery draining and reduce lifespan.

Cause 2: Live view

This is a vital feature for monitoring your home surroundings in real time. Most users enable live view when outside the home.

But remember, real-time recording will cause your camera to function all time time. As a result, lithium batteries quickly reduce their depletion rate and completely lose their capabilities.

Cause 3: Poor Wifi connection

This is another common reason your blink camera batteries need replacement before expiring. If there is a poor internet connection, the device will take battery power to stabilize the wifi signals.

As a result, battery consumption increased and expired within years.

How to replace blink camera batteries?

Blink battery replacement is relatively easier than you think. Their compact and tiny design makes the attachment hustle free for users. But you have to understand some minor tweaks depending on your blink model. So drop down to the below topics to replace blink camera batteries.

How to replace blink video doorbell batteries?

replace blink video doorbell batteries
blink video doorbell batteries

Blink video doorbells contain two AA Lithium non-rechargeable batteries in their back panel. And, hence, you should also use lithium type replacement batteries for blink cameras.

Also, before you start blink camera battery replacement, make sure you disconnect the doorbell at the circuit breaker to avoid any electrical hazard.

Then, arrange an Opening Key that comes with the paper template in the product box. If you’ve lost that Opening Key, you can also use a screwdriver. This opening key will be used to remove the back panel of the Blink video doorbell.

blink video doorbell opening tool
blink video doorbell opening tool

After arranging the Opening Key, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Insert the key into the opening base of your device and press the key into the slot.

inserting key to the blink doorbell
inserting key

Step 3: Apply upward pressure on the key so that the battery compartment can be opened.

apply upward pressure

Step 4: Now, you’ll notice that the battery compartment is free to move. Slide the compartment to remove it completely.

Step 5: Insert your new batteries. Make sure you insert batteries into the correct terminals.

battery changed

How to replace blink outdoor and indoor(1st gen, 3rd gen) batteries?

3rd generation, blink indoor and outdoor cameras are protective from the weather. Removing their batteries is also easy and follows a simple pull-out/put-in process.

Follow the below steps to replace blink outdoor and indoor(3rd Gen) batteries:

Step 1: Remove the blink camera from its mounting place.

Blink camera 3rd gen
Blink camera 3rd gen

Step 2: Unscrew the attachment by rotating it anticlockwise. If the screw has a silicone protective case, remove it.

Unscrewing blink camera
Unscrewing blink camera

Step 3: Apply gentle pressure to remove its rear panel.

Removing blink camera cover
Removing blink camera cover

Step 4: Now pull out the existing batteries and replace blink batteries with the new ones. Make sure to use 1.5V lithium-ion batteries for optimum performance.

Replace blink camera batteries
Replace blink camera batteries

Step 5: Re-assemble the blink camera cover and attach it to the place.

Re-assembling blink camera after changing batteries
Re-assembling blink camera after changing batteries

How to replace blink XT2 and XT batteries?

XT2 and XT are also indoor/outdoor blink models for users. The battery replacement is similar to the previous model but has a few distinctions.

Follow the below steps to for replace blink batteries in XT2 and XT models of blink camera:

Step 1: De-attach the blink camera from its mounting place.

Blink XT1 & XT2 camera
Blink XT camera

Step 2: Look at the back of the XT camera. Here you’ll notice a rubber nub with a down arrow. See the picture below.

Blink XT camera rubber nub
Blink XT camera rubber nub

Step 3: You need to press that grey switch downward while removing the blink back cover at the same time.

Step 4: Remove the batteries of Blink XT camera.

Removing Blink XT batteries
Removing Blink XT batteries

Step 5: Insert the new batteries into the Blink XT camera. I’ve also recommended the best batteries for blink camera later in this post.

Inserting new batteries to blink XT camera
Inserting new batteries to blink XT camera

What is the best blink camera batteries?

We have a list for you if you are searching for the best batteries for blink camera.

Energizer AA Batteries

These are the best non-rechargeable AA lithium Batteries from the Energizer Store that you can use in blink cameras. The pack is available in 8 counts and takes 1.5 Volts per unit. Users can expect superior performance in temperatures between -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. So the power cells are reliable in multiple seasons. Not only blink cameras, but you can also use these batteries in game controllers, smoke detectors, toys, and others. 


  • Single pack includes 8 AA batteries
  • Item weighs 4.5 ounces
  • Take 1.5 volts
  • Last, in extreme temperature
  • Has a storage lifespan of 20 years

Enegitech AA Lithium Battery 16 Pack

This is another best Non-Rechargeable AA Lithium Batteries from Enegitech. The power cells have long-lasting 3000mAh capabilities that run on 1.5V. In a single pack, users get 16 non-rechargeable batteries. These power cells perform in extreme temperatures between 40℉ to 140℉. These batteries add ten years of shelf life storage and two years of service capacity. 


  • Unique Protect your device from leakage
  • Works on multiple device, including Blink Home Security Camera, Remote Control, Smoke Detectors, Toys etc
  • 3000mAh units
  • 10 years of shelf life

Can I use alkaline batteries instead of Lithium batteries in blink camera?

Depending on your usage, you must change the blink batteries on time. According to the blink manufacturers, you should use non-rechargeable or rechargeable lithium batteries in your blink cameras. However, in many cases, people have tried alkaline batteries for their blink cameras and they seemed working fine.

But alkaline power cells have a shorter life span and restrict the full capabilities of your blink camera. As a result, users have faced trouble in motion detection, live view, and other related functions.

That’s why it’s important to use only lithium batteries that are durable and power-saving for your blink devices.


So that’s the detailed guide about blink camera battery replacement. Depending on your model, you have to follow the replacement steps.

However, each type includes the same process to change its batteries except the rechargeable Blink mini.

Remember, you should always use lithium batteries to operate your security camera. Alkaline and other power sources are not durable as the recommended one.

While replacing the power cells, a few things you should follow. For example, disconnect the device, back up the setting, and turn off the Wi-Fi connection.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are Blink Cameras Waterproof?

Not all models, but Blink outdoor cameras are waterproof and have an IP65 weather rating. On the other hand, indoor blink devices are not water resistant because they operate under a roof.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Blink Cameras?

You don’t have to buy a monthly subscription to operate standard blink camera features like motion detection, live view, etc. If you want additional facilities, you can buy their monthly fee.

Why does the blink camera says replace the battery?

The blinking camera says to replace the battery during high usage, low or dead battery. So inspect the power cells and take the necessary action.

How do I reset Blink for a new owner?

Reset your blink camera by following the below steps. Hold down the rest button neat sync module. Press the switch until all LED flash. Release it and wait for a while. The device will automatically take setup mode and comes to its default setting.

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