Fake Error Message Text Copy And Paste (Real Looking)

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Ready for some mischief? Want to play some hilarious but harmless pranks on your friends or family? Then copy paste fake error message texts from our list list of templates and send it to your friends.

Just as the name suggests, fake error messages are a gimmick of error messages(like “blocked”, “404”, “Verizon”, etc.) that are used to make pranks with friends and family, without harming them.

We will provide you various prank messages templates that you can copy and paste in a single click, and send it your close friend. To make this prank more believable, we will even share some crazy tips that you can use to make it more realistic.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started on this fun!

Disclaimer: Just remember to play these prank error messages on someone who can enjoy these pranks and doesn’t get offended by it. Be respectful of who you are sending these messages to. Make sure that the people you are playing pranks on don’t take it personally or get hurt by them. Use these fake error messages responsibly and ethically. Have fun!

Create Blocked Fake Error Message 

Is your friend texting you constantly and making you feel annoying? Then sending fake blocked error message can make them think that you have added their number in your blocklist. This will surely fool them.

Now that we have discussed this, here are some best templates you need for your fake blocked message prank.

SMS ERROR: Message delivery failed. The phone number you are trying to reach is out of service.
Message Error: The recipient has blocked all incoming messages from [target phone number].
SMS ERROR: The person you are trying to reach has blocked your number.
SMS ERROR: The person you are trying to reach has blocked your number.
T-Mobile Service Error: The subscriber you are trying to reach has blocked all incoming messages from this number.
Message ERROR: The recipient has blocked messages from this number. Don’t try anything or your account will be charged.
Service Error 409 #Blocked Message: The message you were trying to send to [Contact number of sender] was not delivered.

Create Fake Error Code Message

This message will surely make your friends think that there’s something wrong with their service or mobile number.

Fake error code messafes will confuse them since these types of messages are used on websites that are unavailable or if there is a technical error.

Here are our best fake code message templates that you can use for your prank:

ERROR 404: We are sorry the number you are trying to reach is either disconnected or out of service.
SMS SERVICE ERROR 34116: Message delivery failed. Invalid Number. Please try again later and resend using a 10 digit mobile number or valid short code. (for AT&T service users)
Msg Error 2212: Message sent to invalid destination. Please check the number you are trying to reach and try again later.
Error code 9675: Message Delivery to [insert your phone number] Failed. Network Problem. (For the Verizon service users)

Create Fake Failed Message

Failed messages happen when there’s a network problem, or the number has been disconnected or blocked by the other person.

Creating and sending fake error messages won’t hurt anyone, as such messages are beleived to happen due to network error.

Here are some templates that you can copy-paste for your failed message prank:

SMS ERROR 307: Message Delivery Failed. Message could not be sent due to network error. Please try again later.
SMS ERROR 764354: Your message failed to be delivered to the recipient.
Invalid Number. Your message failed to deliver. Please check the number and try again.
Message Delivery Failed. The number you are trying to reach has blocked incoming text messages from this number.

    Create Fake 404 Text Messages

    If you work in a technical field then you might have seen this error a lot. Error 404 appears when there is a network error, or when the website you are trying to reach can’t be found.

    So when you send fake 404 text message to your friends, this might get them wondering and they will easily get confused.

    Let’s take a look at these 404 templates that you can use:

    ERROR 404: The number you are trying to reach doesn’t exist. Please check the number and try again.
    ERROR 404: Number unreachable. Try again later.
    ERROR 404: Message delivery failed due to network error. Please try again later.
    ERROR 404 FOUND: This number doesn’t exist. Please check the number and try again later.

    Create Fake Number Disconnected Text Messages

    Another sneaky trick you can use through messages is by making your friends believe that your number has been disconnected.

    Sending number disconnected prank messages is fun only when the other person knows how to take these harmless jokes.

    Don’t try to send these types of messages to some official worker, emergency numbers as they might take it as a joke.

    You can copy-paste these fake number disconnected messages template for your number:

    We’re sorry. The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected or Is no longer in service.
    T-Mobile SMS ERROR: The subscriber you’re trying to reach has blocked incoming text messages from this number. (For T-Mobile service users)
    ERROR CODE 2107: The number you are trying to message is out of service. (for Verizon service users)
    Msg 4536: The message sent has invalid number of digits. Please check the number and resend using the 10-digit number or valid short code. (for T-Mobile users)

    Create Fake Funny Text Message

    Tricking your friends with these fake errors or blocked text messages might be fun but what if you try to trick them with hilarious funny text message?

    Sending an obviously fake message can be more funnier than you can imagine and this can definitely make the other person throw into a fit of laughter.

    Here are some really fake funny message templates that you can try to prank your friends:

    Notice: Your message has been read and ignored successfully. Please type better
    Alert: Your T-Mobile account will be temporarily deactivated until a nice and warm pizza is delivered to our office. As soon as the pizza is received, your account will be re-activated.
    Warning: Your Verizon account will be suspended in 3 days if you don’t share hilarious memes. So better hurry up and send a few hilarious memes.
    ATTENTION: Your communication services are going to be stopped within 24 hours. If you want to keep using your communication services without any interruption, send us a picture of you wearing a ‘fairy dress with wings’.
    ATT Message Center: Your message has been blocked by the user because we have detected too much use of SARCASM.

    Fake Account Suspension Text Messages

    As you might have already guessed by the name, we will be sharing some fake account suspension text messages which will make your friend’s look twice at their message.

    This will make them rethink about things they did wrong with their account unknowingly, which lead to this suspension.

    Try to make that message look like it’s from an official website or company. Add a fake number or website at the end of the message to make it more believable.

    But remember that sometimes these messages might appear as spammy so text someone who knows about prank messages.

    Here are some pretty funny and fake account suspension text message:

    We regret to inform you that your Amazon account has been suspended as we have detected some suspicious activity. Please contact our customer service at (enter any fake number) to get further assistance in this issue.
    Your snapchat has been suspended due to some suspicious activities. To recover your account, contact our customer support at (enter any fake or invalid number)
    This message is sent to inform you that your Facebook account has been deactivated successfully. If this wasn’t done by you, please contact our customer support via email (mention a email which will make it more believable) or call us at (enter phone number
    This is to inform you that your VENMO account has been deactivated because of recent activities that triggered security alerts. To reactivate your account, please contact our customer service at (enter phone number)

    Create Fake Tech Error Message

    These types of fake messages are mostly related to technical issues like service issues or connectivity issues from either side.

    But also keep in mind who you are playing this prank on, this might be a prank from your side but the other person might get worried over this.

    So be thoughtful of the person who you are playing this prank on and don’t extend this prank for a long period of time and enlighten them on this joke.

    Here are some fake error tech messages you can use for this prank:

    The number you are trying to message is currently out of reach. Please try again later.
    The number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
    Your message was not sent. There are some technical issues so please be patient while we fix this problem.
    Something went wrong. The number you are trying to text is unavailable. Please check the number and try again.

    Create Fake Verizon Error Message

    To trick your friends and fool them into thinking that the messages they are receiving are from an official verizon, you can try sending fake messages by portraying it as a reply from Verizon.

    This looks more real and they will easily fall victim to this prank. You can use these message templates to prank them:

    ERROR 234: The message delivery failed due to network problems. Try again later 
    ERROR 8998: Message Origination not found.
    Service is temporarily unavailable. We are experiencing some technical errors, please again later.

    Create Fake T Mobile Error Message

    For the T-Mobile service users, we will share some fake error message templates that will fool them, making them think that this message is indeed from their mobile service.

    However, please keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with these pranks, some might take these types of messages seriously. Consider playing these pranks on family or friends who won’t take it personally.

    Now, Let’s take a look at those templates:

    T-Mobile SMS ERROR: Unable to deliver Message. Message blocking is active.
    T-Mobile SMS ERROR: Message Failed To Deliver. Further messages will be charged to your account.
    Msg 4537: Invalid Number. Please resend the message using a 10-digit number or a valid short code.
    T-Mobile SMS ERROR: The person you are trying to reach has blocked all incoming messages from this number.

    Create Fake AT&T Disconnected Text Message

    We also have fake error messages for AT&T users. These message templates look realistic and you can easily fool your friends and family with them.

    This will make them think that your number is disconnected or not in service anymore.

    Here are some best message templates that you can use in your prank:

    SERVICE ERROR: Message not sent. Invalid number. Resend using a valid 10-digit number or a valid short code.
    ERROR 37539: Message not delivered. Please try again later.
    Message Error: You have reached a number that is no longer in service or has been disconnected.
    ERROR 347430: Invalid Number. This number is not in service.

    How To Make Fake Error Message More Realistic?

    Wanna make this prank a bit more realistic? Then you should try these tricks to make it more fun and make them scratch their heads in confusion.

    To make your fake error message texts more realistic, you can message them anonymously or flood their phone with multiple messages, making it look like spam, or send them messages based on their interests.

    But always remember when you are doing this prank for fun, don’t extend it for a long period of time. And be sure to play these types of pranks on people who can actually have fun with it.

    Use the below tips to make your prank messages more realistic:

    Flood Them With Multiple Fake Messages 

    Flooding their phone with multiple messages might sound really hilarious but more hilarious will be their reaction to those text messages.

    Just send them the same fake message at their every reply, this will make them lose their mind and frustrate them for a good amount of time.

    Just don’t take it too far or else you will get blocked by them for real. Keep it fun for both sides. 

    You can also try sending them random one-letter texts, this will definitely confuse them and make them go crazy.

    Send Prank Messages Anonymously

    Pranks are fun and harmless when you are playing it on those people who are close with you or know you really well.

    Sending them these prank messages anonymously might make this prank more effective and  fun.

    You can send these prank messages anonymously by using third-party apps or services to hide your number.

    This will make your friends think that they are receiving a message from an unknown number. But as much as fun this sounds, you should remember to be respectful and considerate of other people’s feelings.

      Send Fake Error Message On Interest-Based

      Sending them text messages which are based on their interest can easily get their attention and fool them.

      These days almost everyone uses online delivery services and people are eager to know about their product delivery updates.

      Almost everyone uses social media these days, we can use that in our pranks too.

      We can use these templates to make it look like it is really a message from Amazon or Shien regarding their product updates.

        Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

        How do I copy and paste an error message?

        From the list of our various fake error message texts, click on “copy text” button to copy and paste it into your message box.

        How do I make fake error message look real?

        To make your fake error message look real, make sure you’re not making any grammatical error in the error message. Also, try to keep it technical so that it sounds generic and real.

        What message do you get when someone’s phone is disconnected?

        You normally get a message similar to “SMS SERVICE ERROR 202: The message you were trying to send to [Sender’s contact number] couldn’t be delivered. Please wait for some time & try again later.”

        Is it illegal to send fake texts?

        Sending fake messages can be allowed as long as it is not for the malicous purposes. Moreover, make sure to DO NOT SEND to any unknown puprose. Use these templates to fool your friends or families only.

        What is error 50 in message?

        The error 50 in text messages means “Invalid Destination Number”. This mostly happens when the number your you’re trying to send messages to is invalid or doesn’t exist.


        Time to summarise it all since we have reached the end.

        What we learned from this post is how you can prank people through your phone, by sending them fake error message copy and paste.

        We can try sending messages like blocked, 404, failed, technical, etc. error messages.

        To make these messages more realistic, you can just use those websites and services to send prank messages. This way it will look more realistic and also add a number or link, this is enough to fool them. Not only are these pranks fun but they are harmless too.

        But keep in mind that sometimes these blocked messages might come off as dishonest or tricky, so consider whether the other person will find this message funny or not.

        These messages might be funny and good as harmless jokes but it’s important to put other people’s thoughts and emotions in your mind before you hit “send”.

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