Unddit: Recover Or See Deleted Reddit Posts (2024 Updated)

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Imagine you found a great reddit post, but, it’s been deleted. It can happen due to many reasons, such as privacy concerns, or if the post or comment has violated Reddit’s community guidelines.

That’s when Unddit, an online platform that can help you see deleted reddit post comes into the picture.

This tool keeps an archive version of every reddit posts, so that a user can see the deleted reddit post without any trouble.

In this article, we will discuss what Unddit is, how it works, its benefits, and how you can recover or see deleted Reddit posts using Unddit. Later, we will also discuss various alternatives to unddit that you can use.

Alright, without any further delay, let’s get into this…

What is Unddit & How does it work?

First, let’s learn what Unddit is and how it works.

Unddit is one of the online platforms to see and recover deleted posts and comments on Reddit. In case, you’re searching a reddit post and it’s been deleted by user, you can easily see that with unddit.

Unddit is the perfect tool to view deleted content with just a few clicks. You need to enter relevant information like URL or other details in the Unddit search bar to view the deleted content. You will be able to see content deleted by the bot, moderator, or user. It’s quite easy and user-friendly.

But, do you know how unddit works? Let’s understand that as well.

Tools like Unddit and Removeddit work by using the PullPush service. Through the PullPush, they gather the removed content and store it in their database. So, whenever someone uses these tools to find deleted content, these sites fetch the data from PullPush and provide the information you searched for.

Now, enough talk, let’s see how you can use unddit to see deleted reddit posts.

How To Use Unddit?

Now that we know what unddit is and how it works, let’s see how you can use unddit. Using unddit is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is provide the url of the deleted reddit post, comment, or thread. Paste the the url in the unddit search bar. Unddit will fetch the data from it’s database, and show it to you:

Step 1: Go to the unddit documentation page.

Step 2: Drag the red Unddit button to bookmark this link to your bookmark bar or you can also right-click to bookmark it.

Step 3: Next, when you’re seeing a reddit post, comment, or thread, click that bookmark and it will show you the deleted version.

Step 4: Alternatively, go to the deleted reddit url, and replace “www.reddit.com” with “undelete.pullpush.io”, and hit enter.

For example, if the delete reddit post is : https://www.reddit.com/deleted-post/

Make it: https://undelete.pullpush.io/deleted-post/ and Hit Enter.

Unddit will go through it’s database and gather information related to your search. It will show the deleted content.

Unddit shows content in a color-coded manner, which means you can differentiate who deleted the content depending on the color. So, when you search on Unddit, content deleted by the user will appear in a blue box, and content deleted by moderators or bots will appear in red.

Side Note: Unddit may or may not always show results, when if the content you searched for, got deleted recently or too long ago.

Benefits of using unddit

Let’s discover some of the additional features of Unddit and how you can use them to help you out and enhance your user experience while accessing this website.


On Unddit, you can view deleted posts or content by specific Reddit users. You can also search by copy-pasting the URL of the deleted content, it will recover the deleted and also show you the username of the Reddit user who originally posted. It’s a great way to track a user’s activity on Reddit. 

Advance Search Filter

It’s always better to have advanced search filters that give more accurate results. Unddit offers these advanced search filters that give users access to more accurate results.

In the advanced search filter, the user can specify the time of the deleted content in which it got posted or deleted

You can also filter the results by specific subreddits, and by including or excluding certain keywords. This helps in finding more precise results.

See Deleted Comments

On Unddit, you can also recover deleted comments or a whole thread. In this feature, you can see a comprehensive view of deleted comments.

That means you have access to the entire conversation about a particular topic. 

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of Unddit is really simple and easy for users to navigate around the website. When you visit the Unddit website, you can easily locate the search bar on the homepage.

This makes it simple for users to paste the URL or text of the deleted content and get the desired information they want.

The recovered content is displayed in a clean and organized manner which is easy to understand.

For Research

For research purposes, Unddit is a great way to find things that are lost or deleted. You just need to copy the URL of the post or thread you want to see, and Unddit will give you a comprehension view of the whole conversation.

You can also use an advanced search filter feature to filter results according to time and user. 

Limitations And Ethical Considerations

In this section, we will discuss ethical consideration while using such online tools. Things we should consider like privacy concerns or legal issues before using these tools.

Accuracy And Reliability 

Unddit is a great way to recover deleted content like comments or posts whether it is deleted by the moderator, bot, or the user. The data is stored in the database and cache system of Reddit. When the content gets deleted, you can still find it by using tools like Unddit.

Unddit searches through the database and cache to gather information on the deleted content. However, if the data is too old or too recent, it might not be saved in the database or cache. So, Unddit may or may not show results when you search for something that was deleted very soon or recently.

Privacy Concerns 

One of the main concerns that arise when it comes to recovering deleted content is related to their privacy. When someone deletes something from any social media platform, that means they want the content to be gone from the entire internet. But since tools like Unddit can recover that data easily, this can be concerning. 

However, Unddit respects user’s privacy and in most searches will not display the content that was deleted by users themselves. This assures users that they have full control over their content and can choose to delete it permanently. 

There are certain reasons why data gets deleted from social media platforms, it can be related to privacy concerns, to safeguard the community, or other personal reasons. It can also be seen as a form of censorship when content gets deleted by Reddit moderators or bots, this means that something is compelling about deleted content, which makes us more eager to know what exactly it was. However, archiving of Reddit content is considered legal.

While recovering deleted or lost content may sound very alluring and interesting, we should also consider other people’s thoughts and intentions behind deleting that content. But if the content you are looking for doesn’t compromise someone’s privacy or sensitive information, it is fine to use these data recovery tools and satisfy your curiosity. 

Alternatives To Unddit 

Looking for other tools like Unddit to view the deleted content? Luckily, there are tools like Unddit that can help you recover deleted content without any hassle. However, there’s something you should know before using these tools. Some of these tools do not give accurate information or some might not even work. So, there’s no reliability over these tools to find the deleted or lost content.

In case you are not satisfied with Unddit’s search results, there are some other alternatives to Unddit that you can try, such as Reveddit, Resavr, Wayback Machine, and other tools. Let’s have a brief overview of them.


Reveddit is a tool that works the same as Unddit, it reveals the information that has been deleted by a user, moderator, or bot on Reddit.

You can search the deleted content by username, subreddit, or by copying the URL link.

Then you have to go to the website Reveddit and paste that link, click on Go. Reveddit will display all the deleted content related to that link.


Resavr is another great tool that you can use to recover and view deleted content from Reddit. But here’s the catch, Resavr only lets you view comments made on a Reddit post.

So, in case you want to see the deleted comments under a particular Reddit post, you can do that by searching for the Reddit username that posted the post or by post title.

For more information, you can click search result.

Wayback Machine

Just as the name suggests, it’s a program that takes you back in time or more like takes you back technically.

Wayback machine works by keeping screenshots of the web pages and archiving them. You can use the Wayback machine to gain access to deleted content on Reddit.

First, copy the URL link of the Reddit post that you want to recover and then paste that link into the Wayback machine’s search bar.

Click on Browse the History and select any one date that you want to view. You be taken to the posts that were saved on that day.

Google Cache

Google Cache is another great tool to recover lost or deleted content from the internet. To do that, open Google Chrome on your device and search for that Reddit post.

Next to the URL, you will see a green arrow next to it, click on it. You will be able to see whether Google has archived a version of that Reddit post or not.

If there is, then click on three dots beside the link and a side menu will open. On that side menu, click on the cache at the bottom. Now you can view the Reddit deleted content.


Now you know how you can use Unddit to recover and view deleted or lost content on Reddit. Tools like Unddit are quite helpful when you want to recover some really important data from a post that you saw earlier but got deleted by a moderator, user, or bot. Unddit can help you recover that data by searching through the cached system and backups of Reddit. 

Other than Unddit, you can also use other tools like Reveddit, Resavr, Wayback Machine, and Google Cache. In case you are not satisfied with the Unddit search results, you can try these tools. 

You can also use features like an advanced search filter to specify the time when the post got posted or deleted. Unddit also has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to understand the displayed content.

But keep in mind that sometimes these tools may or may not come with results. If the deleted content was too old or too recent, these tools might not show the results. Now you can go and explore the posts and comments that got deleted on Reddit.

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