What Is Unblocked Games Premium? Revealing The Sites [Updated 2024]

Unblocked Games Premium

If you love gaming, you’ve probably heard people talking about Unblocked Games Premium all the time.

What it is? And, why is it so important?

Well, Unblocked Games Premium is basically a list of site that allows you to play premium games without installing it in the local computer. It’s basically an advance method to play games in network restricted areas such as hospitals, schools, and offices.

Moreover, with Unblocked Games Premium websites, you can access your favourite games anytime from anywhere in the world.

Pretty interesting, yeah?

With that being in mind, we came up with this post that specifically talks about Unblocked Games Premium. How did it evolved and how you can access those premiumm games. Plus, we also mentioned some safe and highly secured wesbites that allows you to play your favourite games without any restrictions.

So, what we are waiting for? Let’s get started!

What Is Unblocked Games Premium?

What is unblocked games premium

Before we actually go and see those websites that allows you to access unblocked games, let’s learn a bit more about this.

Unblocked Games Premium, also called UGP in short, are basically those sites that allows you to play unblocked games using advance method.

With the helps of these UGPs, you can access your favourite games anytime from anywhere in the world. You can even access premium games in network restricted areas, such as schools, hospitals, public places, and offices.

Moreover, to use these UGPs(Unblocked Games Premium), you don’t necessarily need VPNs to access games. They can easily work in your local network as well.

However, to have best experience and safeguard your local device(mobile or laptop), it’s always a best practice to use VPN.

Note: Please note that Unblocked Games Premium(UGP) isn’t a service or subscription, which many people think off. It’s just a type of website that allows playing unblocked games without any download and network restrictions.

Features of Unblocked Games Premium

Now we know what is unblocked games premium and how it works, it’s time to know several benefits it offers.

These unblocked games sites comes up with several benefits that you will definitely enjoy as an expert gamer. From smooth gaming experience to the access of endless gaming options, it have a lot of benefits that we are going to mention below.

Please have a look:

Access to premium games

With the use of UGPs, you can access 100s or even 1000s of premium games, directly from the cloud server. These website can have wide range of categories from arcade, action, sports, to simlest one.

Premium games such as Fortnite, Age of War, Slope, Roblox, Minecraft, and every other genres can be found on these website.

PS: Stick along to this post, I’ll reveal some cool Unblocked Premium Games Websites in the end.

High performance

As we know, UPGs generally runs on a cloud server, hence, they tend to have higher performance rate compared to your mobile device or laptop.

Additionally, we these UGPs websites you don’t need to have high performing, super ultra processors. The unblocked premium games on this websites can be run on browser, without actually installing it.

Moreover, it offers high speed performance that you may not receive in your local computer.

No restrictions at all

As an avid games, we can totally understand the hurdle of various places in our gaming life. Places such as hospitals, public areas, and cafes don’t allow us to play games on their network.

They usually filter such gaming sites in order to restrict us.

But, not anymore with these Unblocked Premium Games. With these websites you can access your favourite game and have fun from anywhere in the world.

Even if the network is being restricted in your local area, you can STIIL ACCESS, these games with the help of UGPs.

Safe & Secured

Generally speaking, most of the UGPs are safe and secured to allow you play various premium games without any issue.

However, it’s important to know that NOT all websites would be safe. Make sure the website you’re accessing is using SSL certificate, and is verified.

Moreover, to be extra safe and secured, always use a high quality VPN that basically hides your actual IP address and location. Keeping you always safe from threats and vulnerabilities.

How to Access Unblocked Games Premium?

Now since we know what unblocked games premiums is and the features it offers to us, it’s now time to learn how you can access these website.

To access Unblocked Games Premium website, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the website

The very first step is to access those sites that allows you to play various games. In order to get those websites you can do a google search or find the one from the below list:

  • https://now.gg/
  • https://mimshacks.com/
  • https://sites.google.com/view/games-unblockedd/
  • https://amongus2.io/
  • https://unblockedgamespremium.io/

All the above website is pretty much safe and secured to use. If you would ask my favourite one, I personally prefer to go with now.gg as they have a lot of games and have dedicated support team.

Step 2: Use a VPN

Once you’ve accessed the Unblocked Games Premium, it’s now time to connect your device with a VPN provider.

Although, it’s NOT really necessary to always use a VPN(virtual private network), however, the level of security and safeguarding your device shouldn’t be ignored.

With the help of VPN, you can access those UGP website from anywhere in the world, bypassing the firewall and network restrictions.

Step 3: Enjoy your favourite game

Once you’re connected with VPN and have accessed the premium games, start playing it. In case the game isn’t performing well, or, lagging a lot, make sure you change the network location.

You may choose middle east or Asia as mostly gamers choooses this location to get seemless gaming experience.

Safety consideration for premium unblocked games

I know, I know! You might be super excited to access those PUGs to finix your next level game, however, this section is very important to discuss.

It’s really important to discuss about the safety consideration that one must take before using premium unblocked sites.

The very first thing, always use secured website. While most of the premium unblocked games website are pretty much safe and secured, however, it’s always recommended to only use those websites that have SSL certificate. A site that starts with “https://” is safe and secured.

Next, to keep your device extra safe and secured, make sure to use a reliable VPN provider. For eample, nordvpn and surfshark VPN are the two you can rely on.

Lastly, make sure you do not provide any personal details while signing up for the subscription. Always use some alternate email address that you use specifically for the gaming purpose.

If you follow these safety precautions, you’re good to go and play your favour games on unblocked premium games sites.


Let’s have a quick summary on what we learnt in this blog post.

This post discusses various concern about Unblocked Premium Games, what they are and how you can use it to access various games online.

Unblocked Games Premium are basically those sites that allows you to play various premium games without any network restriction, location restriction, and safely.

With the help of UGPs, you can have access to really premium games such as slope, fortnite, cookie clicker, etc. Moreover, these sites are mostly safe and secured to access.

Further, to keep yourself even more safer, you should use a VPN so that you can hide your real IP and location. Moreover, always use sites with SSL(https) certificates.

I hope you liked the post.

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