“Fully satisfactory.”

— Scott’s Finance Canada performance review

“I found him to be pleasant and a fine guest - friendly, cooperative, quiet, courteous.”

— Air BnB review

“We love all of our children equally.”

— Scott’s Mom and Dad

"Scott was always very polite, considerate and with a nice smile."

— Air BnB review

“You’re awesome. This year’s announcements have been wicked. You rock.”

— yearbook signatory Chris Reid


— LinkedIn endorsed skill

Thank you for the meaningful Content in the Video above.

— YouTube commenter "Oskar Sarin"

“Nice discussion on discord sticker error.”

— It was a good discussion on discord sticker invalid asset

"You f***ing bcters (big-city-thinkers) think that you're so f***ing 'enlightened' with your God-given sense of 'emotional intelligence' and all of your 'feelings' and 'emotions.' Keep your ass in California, you little f***ing twerp. You belong there."

— YouTube commenter "NoSpam Dickwad"