In spite of his recent troubles, I found Canadian icon Justin Bieber to be a very nice young man. At my recent visit to his mansion we talked about Canadian arts grants, Senate reform, and girls. Thanks for letting me borrow your swim trunks Justin!

It was such an honour to meet Canadian icon Jim Carrey. Wouldn't it be great if he endorsed my run for Senate in a video where he pretended to talk out of his butt? What do you think Jim?! I'll email your publicist again!

My very good friend, Canadian icon Julia Roberts, is passionate about Senate reform. Honestly, don't get her started on it she's kind of crazy! (but lovely)

Would you believe that I met Canadian icon Jackie Chan in a bar fight? Here were are years later, the best of friends.

Getting serious with Canadian icon Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Kidding! Dwayne and I can't keep a straight face for long!

He was skeptical at first, but I eventually won Canadian icon James Dean over with my 3-point plan for Senate transparency.

Me and my pal, Canadian icon Snoop Dogg, hangin' on the west side (of the Greater Toronto Area [Halton]).

Canadian icon Beyonce loves to dance, especially with me! Here I am showing her my patented move: The Butt Strut.

Hey! We're being friends here! Canadian icon Dustin Hoffman takes Senate reform as seriously as he takes acting, and fully supports my innovative efforts.

Canadian icon and total sweetheart Sir Hannibal Lector.

This is me and my former friend, former Canadian icon Lance Armstrong. I let him know that transparency and accountability are more than just buzzwords, they're principles that honourable people live by. Then I told him to go straight to hell.

Canadian icon George Burns may be 119 years young, but his zingers haven't dulled one bit! And yes, that IS Canadian icon Charlie Chaplin behind us!

A hero to many, but a close personal friend to me, Canadian icon Jackie Robinson is someone I can always count on to be there for me. To be right there, in exactly that place.

Canadian icon Joe Camel!

Canadian icon Captain America takes some time in between battles to pose for a picture with a big fan (and a bigger friend).