What’s In The Box!?!?

Burger King teamed up with Door Dash for its first Super Bowl commercial in over a decade. On Twitter last week, they announced that if you place a 10 dollar order and use promo code MYSTERY BOX they will send you a box with goodies for free and it correlates with the commercial for the Big Game! Double cool. Well folks Bernappetit has got you covered! Soon as I saw that ad (at 9:30 am) I placed my ten dollar order and I ordered the box. And it came today!

This was shared on instagram so aggressively by removing instagram watermark.

People also created blank highlight names on instagram, and it got so much viral on social media apps.

Apparently only 5999 other people were dumb enough to do this and they sold out in hours. I am a sucker for this kind of advertising. If it has the word mystery in it, I’m in! I had no idea what to expect. But I was leaning towards it being something stupid. The fine print said it has around 30 dollars worth of it stuff in it, so what the heck. Can’t be that bad right?? RIGHT?? Welp you decide. 

Inside the box is 5 items. An old school Burger King paper bag, an empty plastic ketchup bottle, a gray wig, a card with a promo code for a free Whopper and delivery from Door Dash, and a note sort of explaining things. I won’t go into what the letter says here because you can read it in the picture. But basically it says don’t order the whopper right now. Wait til the Super Bowl commercial and then order. It will all make sense and you will have your own 15 minutes of fame. Whatever that means. So looks like I will be wearing my wig and sporting my ketchup bottle during the Super Bowl waiting for the commercial to see what happens next! I’m a little disappointed so far as I am sure you are too, but who knows maybe it will be something cool! Or really dumb. Only one way to find out!