Race Through Education is the podcast that explores how Black and Latinx people experience education in America. Through informed conversations with experts and a centering of the lived experiences of Black and Latinx folx, we aim to understand the complexities of learning and schooling in America.


Fawziah, Co-Host

Fawziah is a human rights advocate turned educational researcher. She left the nonprofit world to battle inequities in access to quality education both nationally and internationally. She is currently working on her dissertation at New York University in educational leadership and policy where she is focused on the anti--high-stakes standardized testing movement known as opt-out. Her interests also include the socio-economic and political factors that impact education attainment among marginalized communities, K-12 urban education both here and abroad, and the history of African American education.


Madison, Co-Host

Madison is an educator, school leader, advocate, and researcher. He is the product of New York City Public schools and has spent a decade working with young men of color to challenge and dismantle the school to prison pipeline. He is currently working on his proposal at New York University as well,  which he focuses on the impact security resource officers have on students of color and how school leaders make sense of disciplinary policies in their schools. He is also interested in culturally relevant pedagogy, single-sex education, and Black masculinity in k-12 school settings. 

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Luis, Editor & Producer

Luis Jaime Rodríguez Reynoso is a creative mind specializing in all aspects of production in video and audio. He was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States at a young age. He aims to increase representation of BIPOC people in the world of media through his work.